HKU-SCF Women Mentorship Programme 2022/23
Meet-and-Greet session with sharing of Mentor-Mentee from last year

This is the second year the HKU-SCF FinTech Academy has launched the HKU-SCF Women Mentorship Programme. This year, it is delighted to have nine pairs of mentors and mentees, with mentors coming from Standard Chartered, Mox Bank and Cyberport. A pair of mentor-mentee, Elsie Lee (SCB, Mentor) and Nicole Wong (HKU FinTech, Mentee), from last year came and shared their experience with those who join this year’s programme.

It is excited that this is the first time when a meeting session is allowed after COVID.

The commencement of the mentorship programme aims to facilitate the growth and exposure of future women leaders in FinTech. The mentor-mentee pair will meet at least four times within the school year. Throughout the year-long programme, mentees can learn about the financial industry from their mentors, while the mentors can know more about the latest FinTech trends and technologies from their mentees. By then, they can form a two-way learning process.