This summer, the Department of Computer of Science will be offering courses in 3 hot topics – Artificial Intelligence, FinTech, and Big Data Analytics in Finance for secondary school students at the HKU Summer Institute.

There are no prerequisites for taking these summer courses.

Click the individual course below for more information including schedule, duration, fee, teaching mode, course outline, and application procedures and deadline.

COMP0001 Natural Intelligence versus Artificial Intelligence

Course Instructor: Dr. Dirk Schnieders
Course Description:
For thousands of years, we have tried to understand how humans think. In the first part of this course, we are going to study natural intelligence (NI) with a focus on the human brain. Do we really understand how the brain enables intelligent behavior? In the second part of this course, we will study Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how our knowledge of NI has influenced the development of AI. You will learn about the recent progress in the field and how state-of-art models enable intelligent machines. Finally, we are going to discuss the philosophical, ethical and safety aspects of developing AI. Should we really develop AI or could it mean the end of humanity?

COMP0002 How is Fintech Changing the World?

Course Instructor: Dr. John Yuen
Course Description:
FinTech is at the evolving intersection of financial services and technology. It represents not only a powerful force of disruption to the financial industry, but also a digital transformation of individual consumers’ daily life. In this course, students will gain a broad understanding of FinTech and how it transforms the financial industry. They will learn about the recent FinTech applications, ranging from Bitcoin, virtual banks, to crowdfunding. The underlying technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence will also be introduced in this course.

COMP0003 Big Data Analytics in Finance

Course Instructor: Dr. H.F. Ting
Course Description:
This course studies how to use advanced Machine Learning technologies for predicting financial data. In the first part of this course, we explain what Machine Learning is and list some of its major applications. We also describe the key components in most machine learning tools and the types of learning these tools can handle. In the second part of this course, we illustrate how to apply some powerful machine learning tools to predict stock prices. Then, we show how to apply Natural Language Processing on twitter tweets to analyze automatically the sentiment of stock investors in order to improve our predictions.

 For enquiries, please contact the HKU Summer Institute.