The University of Hong Kong–Standard Chartered Hong Kong 150th Anniversary Community Foundation FinTech Academy (HKU–SCF FinTech Academy) was established in 2020 with a generous support of HK$60 million from the Standard Chartered Hong Kong 150th Anniversary Community Foundation.  Hosted by the Department of Computer Science of the Faculty of Engineering and strongly supported by the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Business and Economics, the HKU–SCF FinTech Academy strives to help Hong Kong develop as a global FinTech hub and create a sustainable impact on the financial services sector in the Greater Bay Area.  The mission of the HKU–SCF FinTech Academy is to leverage the combined strength of academics and industry to stimulate cutting-edge research, groom world-class talents, and reach out to the community to advance FinTech innovation. 

Messages from the Chairs of the Management Board

“With the continuous advancement of technology, the financial industry is evolving dynamically and the next wave of disruption is coming.  HKU has first-class FinTech research teams across the Faculties of Engineering, Law, and Business and Economics, working synergistically in various areas including blockchain, cybersecurity, regulatory technology, AI and big data analytics.  The HKU-SCF FinTech Academy will be a centre of innovation for nurturing talents to shape the FinTech industry across the region and strengthen Hong Kong’s position as a leading financial centre.”

Professor Xiang Zhang,

President and Vice-Chancellor, The University of Hong Kong

“The fast pace of change in FinTech has been impacting not just the business model of banks, but also the talents required for realising the Smart Banking ambitions for Hong Kong. Standard Chartered is proud to steer the co-creation of the FinTech Academy between HKU and SCF to cultivate future-fit talents and upskill bankers with disruptive technologies to capture the immense opportunities.  We feel very excited about this pioneering partnership with HKU that will transform Hong Kong’s banking industry and the wider financial ecosystem ahead of the FinTech era.”

Ms Mary Huen,

CEO, Hong Kong, Standard Chartered; and Trustee,

Standard Chartered Hong Kong 150th Anniversary Community Foundation