HKU-SCF Women Mentorship Programme 2023/24
Opening Ceremony with Meet-and-Greet Session

The HKU-SCF Women Mentorship Programme has been running for three years and it is making a significant impact. The programme aims to empower future women leaders in the FinTech industry by providing mentorship opportunities. The main goal of the programme is to empower women leaders, nurture their exposure to the FinTech cluster and help them establish valuable networks within the industry.

This year, there are nine pairs of mentors and mentees participating in the programme. The mentors come from Standard Chartered and Mox Bank. Three HKU FinTech students – Janice Fong, Natalie Chun and Yianna Yau joined the programme last year and shared their experiences virtually via video broadcasting.

The mentor-mentee pairs will meet at least four times during the school year. Throughout the year-long programme, both mentors and mentees have opportunities to exchange professionalism, valuable experiences, and insights into the latest FinTech trends. Indeed, the programme creates a transformational mentorship experience that benefits both mentors and mentees, fostering professional growth and creativity. The approach is expected to result in mutual gains for all participants.

It is wonderful to see initiatives like this that support women in the FinTech field. Let’s keep up the great work!